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Ohana, means family. Family means…. NOBODY gets left behind. Why can’t you get that?

Regardless of how annoying, how un-beneficial, how whatever—You don’t leave family behind.

You don’t need logical reasoning, you don’t need a convincing reason(or three), you don’t need validation. There’s no reason. It’s just cause, we’re Ohana.

Can’t you understand that? I don’t care how different, how WHATEVER!

For the last bloody time, Ohana means family, family means NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND OR GIVEN AWAY OR FORGOTTEN. This is where I stand, and I will not let you do it. I’ll give everything I’ve got. For Ohana.


I’m actually scared….

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But, hey, it’s more fun like that!

I haven’t been like this in a looong time. Finally, I have a driving frequency and hey, circumstances are wayy different now. I’m being cornered, but well, that’s why you get a kick.

Will the future me beat my shadow?

Will the future trump the present?

Let’s Roll.

Sidenote: This isn’t about the friendly. I’m CONFIDENT for that.

The Impossible Requirements.

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All Cs for common test.

Score relatively well on the selection test.

Have a good relationship with your teachers. Pass up homework, good attitude….

Can any of you spell K-I-C-K-E-D-O-U-T-O-F-H-3?

Damn. My fault too. That’s why it sucks the most.

I realize I fall far short of people’s expectations. Where’s Joel? Aiya, if I don’t live for myself, at least live for the people who care, can?

Life is about……

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I realized that today, with apparently no rhyme or reason. While somewhat eavesdropping on a group of weird ass looking, platinum blonde dyed-covered lock sporting and surprisingly vulgar girls(They were talking so loudly that the whole bus could hear)… I was hit with the realization that Life is really nothing more than choices. It’s our choices that made us who we are, our choices that hurt us, our choices that make us happy, our choices that will determine our future and our choices that….well, you get the idea.

This means, for whatever you’re feeling now, or whatever you’re going through, it’s highly likely of a choice you’ve made in the past. For me(for those who care), I realize my choice was not MAKING a choice. I let society, peer pressure and most of all, my OWN INDOLENCE guide my choices— For that, I’m paying the price. Then I was struck— I STILL HAVE A CHOICE. Amidst hearing one of the girls, Nicole(as I had picked up), mouth off about walking around naked in her house, I suddenly  realized.. It’s about time, I made my choices.

It’s time, I choose.

I choose

  • To Be Happy.
  • To wake up every morning to shoot.
  • To start running.
  • To start pulling, pushing, sitting, lifting.
  • To train harder.
  • To live up to my expectations.
  • To put effort in my studies.
  • To gain weight.
  • To live.
  • To love.
  • To make you smile, everyday.
  • To live for my friends.
  • To be an individual.
  • To have courage, to do what makes me happy.
  • To care for others, for the people I want to care about.

I have chosen, now, It’s time to stick with my decisions.

Let’s Roll.


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I gravitate towards this page, as I’m undefined within the swirling depths, I feel semi-conscious, subconscious and barely conscious at all–I’m unsure as to honestly why.

Most of it is nebulous, and equivocal. This can be attributed to your uncharacteristic(maybe it’s actually truly your ensconced persona?) clandestine, surreptitious  behaviour, and the other–THAT iniquitous jizz trail found on the fur carpet which somehow found it’s way into a randomly designated, very unfortunate,  depraved, noxious carpal tunnel of parturition giving rise to that contemptible form, that vile, deranged amoral backstabber(like the Yishun/CCK stabber?) who has killed many and is about to add me to the tally, mea culpa, through two-faced duplicity, and its propensity for high treason. Twain these constituents, Im forced into dolor and martyrdom—not because we do not abide by egalitarianism, but because, I love the former too much.(on the other hand, the latter can go screw itself)

In this light, with this paradigm on, we’re shedding delusions and fallacies that we are on equal footing because I held you in such eminence.. Willingness to resign oneself to the tenebrous depths of postulated yet spurious vacuousness and relegated and left assailable, by everyone’s repudiation and abhorration. Amidst such trials and tribulations, such a time of melancholy and despondency— A phoenix(or maybe a dragon), will rise up from the the grey, dishabille, slovenly ashes. Now that we’re undeterred and we’re hopefully abyssal in that _____zone(up to you to define isn’t it, you?) I can throw off one’s limiters and palisades, and just move. “Bum Bum de-bum” here I go.

Let’s Roll.

“This is a attempt at sardonically representing a particular person and his/her’s lovely blogging style. However, unlike that entity, I can assure you, that there is meaning, and truth between, these over-the-top metaphors and deep words.”
“Cookie to the person that I can guess who I’m parodying!”
“My overrated organ of my circulatory system(I can’t possibly say the word, Imma boy!) to the person that can really understand what I’m saying, you probably will know what to do then.”

Birthdays and Anniversaries.

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Weekend was fun. Marred by impending school, but the weekend was a whirl of happiness(left me too busy for homework though). Friday was training with ended a little earlier than usual but unforseen circumstances made me stay back and shoot for a little while. Big mistake. Witnessed probably the worst thing ever at the bus stop–left confused after that. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone. After Friday, it was all uphill!

We are a unit. Together we’ll strive. You cover me, I cover you. Hehehe. FTW. Btw, I’m waaaay smarter and faster. You’re just a little better at *some things*. LOL. ;P”

Saturday was soo much fun. Haha. Woke up at 12noon. Brushed my teeth, bathed and rushed out to meet my friends for lunch. Talked a lot of rubbish, but time well spent. Hahaha. Walked around ION after that, till like 5. Rushed home to get ready for a wedding anniversary I had to attend. DUE to some last-minuteness by my parents, I wasn’t sitting with them. YAY. Awkward formal events, with air-con(:P) FTW. Anyway, thankfully, it’s a smallsmall world—with some pretty damn delightful people(who can pretty damn play music well—-“If we hold on together”,both on and off the flute=WIN). Met new friends, there was a pretty okay girl opposite me, and Jay Chou on my right. XD. Met old ones, and laughed at current ones. Haha.
On a serious note, that 25th wedding anniversary made me think—25 years is a long time. A really loong time. There are things I haven’t even heard on seen, let alone understand. I have a looong way to go.

“It’s a small, small world”

Sunday. THE BEST DAY. It was my lovely sister’s lovely birthday. Hahahaha. Woke up, off to church! Celebrated once at church, which was fun. Hahaha. A simple cake, simple celebration, but lovely people. Haha. I mean REALLY LOVELY. Hehehehe.
Rushed home, got appropriately dressed, and I took my sister out for a proper lunch at a Italian restuarant that kicks ass. Haha, the staff sang a birthday song, we had champagne, and I wolfed down 500 grams of beef. 🙂 My sister, ate 2 cakes! 2! LOLOLOL. I footed the bill, which came to a whopping 359. But hey, awesome beef, two cakes, champagne free flow, birthday song and a happy sister—pretty damn worth it. Haha. Tally:Celebrated twice.

Went home, napped awhile, and we were off again, this time to celebrate with friends. Haha. We had went shopping, and our friends allowed my sis to choose her own presents. LOL. Awesomeness. Haha. Eat dinner at some fancy mariner’s restaurant. Haha. She got free cheesecake, cause it was her birthday. The lovely staff sang another birthday song. I don’t know the bill this time, cause our VERY PRETTY/HANDSOME friends all chipped in to treat us. Thanksthanks!

Took a loong train ride home after. FINAL TALLY: 3 times and counting. Her schoolmates haven’t celebrated for her yet. Hahaha. Happy Birthday Blossom. I’M THINKING 3, IS BETTER THAN ONE.


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Lol, today was damn funny la. No training, but got team talk instead. LOL. I use team talk loosely—more like our coach took the opportunity to mock(kao bei) EVERYONE(esp.SHIYONG). Even people not IN BASKETBALL.

LOLOLOLOL. Mrs Tan is quite awesome actually.

“Some people, use what they have learnt in B div again and again, even in A div……. LIKE SHIYONG.”
“Some people , halfway through training, disappear…….LIKE SHIYONG”
“Some people, got attitude problem, no enough heart in training….LIKE SHIYONG.”


*Enter people who were late*
“Joel, tell them what I just said for their benefit.” Says Mrs Tan.
I repeat everything, ESP the like SHIYONG. Then, the whole team laughed.

*enter more people who were late*
“Mark, Tell them what I said.” says Mrs Tan
He repeats everything, including the like SHIYONG. Team laughs somemore!

Mrs Tan asks a basketballer to summarise.—–  The guy says, don’t be like…..SHIYONG. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. TEAM LAUGHS LIKE SHIT.

“When you walk by each other or me, MUST greet, or not, do PUSH-UPS”

*Some guy asks to take a call* Mrs Tan goes…”You see, you see, ATTITUDE PROBLEM.” LOLOLOL.

Got somemore. “Joel, you’ve got skill, you’ve got the fitness…..but you’re NOT ZAI.” LOLOLOL. WTH. Damn cute.

“We’ve got NO SHOOTER”

“KaiXiang always make me happy for a while, then he lose the ball.”

“Zong Han always shoot Airballs.”

“Joel, you’re what class?” “2T17, I reply.” She goes, “Oh the one with &#^$*!”???” And the whole team bursts out laughing.

I swear, Jiao Lian is AWESOME. LOL. for her, IMMA BE ZAI.

Let’s Roll.