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I must not….

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I must not fall for you no matter what.
I must not fall for you no matter what.
I must not fall for you no matter what.
I must not fall for you no matter what.
I must not fall for you no matter what.
I must not fall for you no matter what.
I must not fall for you no matter what.
I must not fall……..shit.


Screw this.

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When everything is looking up, YOU JUST HAVE TO COME RIGHT BACK AND FUCK ME, DON’T YOU.

IT’S ALWAYS THIS. Being on the internet sucks so MUCH more from REAL DAMN LIFE.

I’m withdrawing.

My life sucks.

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Grandma dies, losing stuff important to me, even though it’s not my fault—facing loss on all fronts, but hey, I have tonnes of people who care and love me. Take that, bitch.

Anyway, yeah. I’m giving my all. That’s all I can do.

I just have to say this: Having a reason behind every lie does not give you a reason to lie.


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Hi, let me summarise my basketball game for you today.

  • I scored.
  • I assisted.
  • I stole.
  • ShiYong is awesome.
  • 83-20.
  • KaiXiang scored! 😀

Victims Of Circumstance….

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I realize that I, as a youth—am a victim of circumstance. My life is directed by event, after event.

Promos, Malacca Trip, CTs, H3 test, and soon A Div’s and because, I throw everything aside and focus on what’s at hand, after every circumstance, I end up having to clear up the mess. All of a sudden, I step back, realized that this cycle has no end, and hence, I wanted to determine my own circumstances, my own identity.

So, like a statistical anomaly, I circled myself, and left myself out of the society’s line of best fit.

I had been given the gift of the present, for at least 86400 seconds, and in a way, I think I had earned it because of my other gifts. But, hey, who questions a present?

I woke up, lazed around with my dog, and sister and told them I loved them. I left the house at 7, embarked on a journey–a lovely journey of re-discovery. I decided to visit my past, my present and my future and ensure that I thoroughly enjoyed the ride! I went to my home court, and started shooting(the ball I had brought!) and well, were the balls dropping! Haha. I messaged childhood friend, one who meant a lot, and met her for a lovely, closure-filled breakfast. Then I enjoyed the scenery and took an alternative route to school, stopping to enjoy the sunrise. I sought the wisdom of the elders and here, I learnt something.

“The elders had confidence in me, far beyond my wildest dreams—they even had confidence that I had confidence. Whilst, I, myself hadn’t.”

Needless to say, I learnt alot. But the day had much more to offer and far more to unravel… but.

I’m tired, that’s for another time.

To be continued..