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I don’t want anyone else to realize just how amazing you are.



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Suddenly, I’m hit with this funny realization.

Let’s roll.

I’m tired.

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Mid-years go over please.

God please give me my CCA.

Hand-dryers are god’s gift to humanity.

Can’t wait for after mids, right?

Sweet, sweet victory.

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Oh oh oh oh! Did’ya SEE THAT. 6 three-pointers IN A ROW. IN A BLOODY ROW. CONSECUTIVELY. I just kept dropping them three pointers, didn’t I? How did’ya like me now?

Must’ve thought it fun, when you sauntered over, thinking that I was the same kid you bullied, fouled and made scapegoat.
Must’ve mistakenly thought that you were in for an ego boost, didn’t you? OH OH OH OH DAMN. SO WRONG!
20 out of 25 three-pointers, six in a row, 3 board cracking touch board lay-ups and 1 shot of me flying up there to pull the rim. You? Hmmmm….. Maybe like 5 three-pointers in for the whole time? Awwww. What happened?
Awwww, it went like this. I score, you score, I score, you miss, I score, you miss, I score, you miss, I score, you score, I score , you miss, I score without even touching the net and you? Oh right, you didn’t touch the net too! It was an AIRBALL. Oops. Oh, thenthen, you timed your shot to coincide with mine, didn’t you? What happened? Oh right, you missed, by miles! And me, me? Nothing but net. Strangely, as I kept draining from three-point land, you kept inching nearer and nearer to make your shot. Awww, the big bad bullying hat-man scared of a little three pointer shot, can’t get it up? Boo-hoo. Our little competition went like this no? You score a three-point, and glare challengingly at me. I, step-up, unfazed,  a drill one right through the net, and don’t even look at you. You miss and I drain one right in your face. Oh mama. You keep inching nearer and still missing, still missing, when I keep draining shots. Sad part, the people on the court shooting with us, didn’t even bother to help you pick up your air-balls, whereas I barely had to move from my spot, with people rebounding my every made basketball. Oh, how far we have come. Challenged me to a 2v2? Naw, you aren’t worth my time, you know? I’d rather SMS. More exciting. Perhaps, after you retake your GP A’s then come see me again kay? Hopefully you’ll be able to shoot.

I hope you REMEMBER THIS, SO WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT BULLYING, BLAMING KIDS(TO PROTECT YOUR OWN REPUTATION), FOULING THEM WHEN THEY SHOW YOU UP AND YELLING AT THEM FOR MAKING NEWBIE MISTAKES, YOU’LL REMEMBER THIS KID, WHO GREW UP AND TAUGHT YOU A LESSON YOU’LL NEVER FORGET. YOU WANNA PLAY PROPER BALL? ACT YOUR OWN AGE AND GROW-UP. Now the kid you chided for dribbling too much after he crossed you over and whom you brutally knocked down with your shoulder at the tender age of 14, the kid that was just learning how to play(which you desperately need to do now, BTW), the kid you yelled at FOR EVERY ERROR YOU MADE, THE KID YOU MADE FEAR PLAYING BASKETBALL IN HIS OWN HOME COURT—IS BACK AND MUCH BETTER THAN YOU, I made every shot you couldn’t and touched what you can never touch—-the hoop. Don’t bully anymore kids, or I’ll have to deflate your ego again, easily.

Don’t make me go down there and play you one on one and put the ball between your legs in front of a crowd again like 4 years ago, I hope this time, when you look me in the eyes, at my age of 18, you’ll think twice about elbowing me just cause your ego was punctured. Because, now you know, I can outplay you anytime, anywhere—I don’t even have to prove it.

I hope you learnt your lesson and I hope you’ll never bully other kids(just because they threatened your ego with their skills and naivete)again, cause they might come back and do what you desperately fear–effortlessly show you up(Like i did today and which I could do at 14 to which you instilled such a fear in me through harsh words and scolding and violence that I thought it was my fault)–and who knows, they might be less civil than this CJC’s No.4.


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Bleach has scored one for humanity. Sooooooo pretty. And she’s only a cartoon!
Anime: 1   Real-Life: 0

LOL. Go ahead, just try to disagree with me. Orihime! ^^

Wah crap. Seee.
even when she’s angry! Still so cute.Nuff’ said. Thank you BLEACH.

Call in a favor.

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Lol, you hot guys and girls! Thanks for being there when I call in a favor! Haha, dropping everything you have on your plate just to hangout with me over Saturday, Sunday and Monday was just awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Now if we fail our mid-years/mid-sems, it’s all your faults kay? Cause I suggested studying…. A little. Muahaha. Anyway I shouldn’t be so grateful cause you all owe me lots anyways! >.< Hehehe.

Those of you who studied with meeee, thanksthanks! Haha, I only ended up doing MCQ cause SOME of you kept talking and talking about SLACK poly life and some of you were obessessed with finding out what I’ve been up to recently. Hehehe.

Then lol, my fellow basketballers, I’m like so imba now pls. Smooth as hell lahhh. 🙂 Shooting deproved but it’s still accurate! And ZONG HAN, I BLOCKED YOU!!! All you can say is “I never jump, I never jump” LAWL.  PAWNED.
My dribbling is baccccccck. Wheeee~~~~~

Anyway, awesome friends I have. Now you all can call in a favor!

“Your friend is the person who knows all about you, and still likes you.”
“A real friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” ;p (That’s like most of you.)

For once, I’ll let you all comment all your obvious, overflowing gratitude to my tribute. 😀 😀


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NBA playoff finals! Celtics vs Lakers.
As of now, the score is 3-2.

You wanna know why?
I’ll tell you why. Basketball is a team sport, loves.  No matter how good you are, whether you can score 23 consecutive points in 7 baskets on 7 possessions like

or whether you’re the best player on the planet with perfect shooting form, killer instinct and superb athleticism(still Kobe)

You will still LOSE if you don’t play team basketball. No matter how many baskets Kobe unbelievably makes in the face of the Celtics, just as long as his teammates continue putting up single digits due to his “carrying” them, they’ll still lose to the Celtics.

As long as it is


+VSIT WILL ALWAYS EQUALThat’s why I love the game. It’s not about how well you play on your team, but how well you play as a team.
Celtics deserve to win and I’m loving every basket they score, shot they block, rebound they grab down and pass they make because they’ve played unselfishly and thoroughly deserve it. Kobe IS the better player, BUT Celtics are the BETTER TEAM. Go Celtics. I love the game.