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A Guide to Life.

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Enjoy, it’s totally true.

Okay, whatever it is, I’ve been thinking a lot recently and I realised a couple things. We see things that aren’t, think things that couldn’t, do things that wouldn’t and be what we shouldn’t.  A gross sense of hyperinflation and facades galore have afllicted us, the once pure, 2X=34. I’m searching for some light of authenticity in this mess and I realise, that light can only come from within. Goodbye, 3X=51.

I’m sooooo sorry, I’m boring! But I’m looking, searching for something that I have lost. Or maybe lost in. But, I won’t be like that ever again. Happy One Month, my deaaar! (Unless we’re going by the date lol.) ❤



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I woke up today, and realized, I’m lost. Lost. Freaking lost.

I almost broke out, only to find out that I’m pulled back in. We’re small, you know? Yet, you all don’t.

Smallsmallsmall. For now.


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Studies. Close friends. Basketball. Health. Character. Fitness. You.


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The spell-binding allure of idealism. Alas, you have succumbed to it once to many.

Perhaps, the naysayers(Pit?) were dead-on with their protelytic prophetising. It’s a jungle out there, with poison in the very air we breathe, yes no, Adrian Monk?

‘Twas better to wax metaphorically, then to bluntly exclaim. Rage sometimes comes from justice, for the truly corrupt feel nothing anymore. Tossing in the sweat-greased white towel, in hopes of never having to fight anymore, actually resulted in my blood on the ring floor. Ladder is getting shorter, they’re closing in fast. Joel, Joel, your time won’t last. You’re already off-kilter, a shadow of your past.

Rejoice now, for you will fall soon enough, there is a glint in your eyes. 

It’s not all doom and gloom because, well, there really always is a silver lining. You can always drink up all the water in a pink bottle.

Never thought Celery would grow on me. Lol, Celery is ironically, green.

An orange sphere, a halo, my two angels(Dear and Pit), my TRUE brethren and a tall dog–Pretty much make a life worth living.


“If someone is always on your mind, maybe they are supposed to be there.”