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Anomaly of Contentment.

Posted in Uncategorized on 09/09/2010 by Joel

You know, we humans are seldom satisfied or content, with what we have–how much money, our current grades, our body shape and our clothes– which is what drives us to strive for more, cause, well, if you know you’re got it all, why work, right?

Like, everyone else, I’m no exception, I’m far from content—My basketball skills, my grades, my cashhh, how many friends, how much leisure time, how good my dog is, how fast I run, how much I can lift—-I want moremoremore! Butbut, I have an outlier on my curve……

Beyond all of my normal tendencies to be unhappy and discontented—I’m wonderfully content with my current relationship with slutty Valerie Ho Seok Ting. Yes, the boy who gets pissed at the slightest mistake or blemish in anything, the dumbass who gets pissed off at any open shot missed, even if we win a game. The fella who finds the negative in almost everything(which is why Yik Peng says I was useful in PW) is finally content with something. How could this be?

The reason for this is simple, as I mentioned before, you can only be content when you know that you have it all. My babyy–Valerie Ho Seok Ting is the best there is—-And I am happy and content with her and will always be happy and content with her for a longlonglong time.

Amidst my disdain for my current academic performance, my wanton disgust at my horrible shooting form, my contempt for my current physical state and my dissatisfaction with most things as they are now, there is a very quirky, brown-haired and loving anomaly of contentment.

I ❤ you babyyy. 🙂

Change, we can despair in.

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You know what?
Honestly, do you know what? I’ve read all my blog posts today, probably wasting 2 hours of my life in the process.
(Actually, I’m not really addressing this to anyone, it’s more rhetorical)

Change, usually, has a positive connotation to it, yes? When you here someone saying “I’m gonna change my diet, or change my clothes” or even “my gender”, we have a large propensity to visualise it and associate with the positive, when actually, change is neither good or bad.

The nature of change is dictated by the type of change and the context by which change is wrought. For me, a particular lunch at MacDonald’s very early this  year sparked of a horrendous change in me, one that has left me wracked with negative feelings, all because I took a STUPID, leap of faith. All because for fucking once, I fucking pulled my fucking punches. The resulting results(haw haw) had led me to the crippling realization that there was virtually nothing I could do—-this change has brought me on a devastating journey, down the road of self-lament. Funny how I decided to anchor my confidence on something so shaky, haha, must’ve been delirious with a hint of a obscure, nebulous frame of mind. (oh gosh, he’s gonna retreat into the english language again!) I detected the nuances of a subtle shift in the atmosphere at that instantaneous instant(ooooooh He’s  a wordplay genius!) and was shell-shocked by the climate change(global warming spin?) that was thrust upon us all. 178 is a big number and 178 can pretty much trump any arbitrary things that we all see, because, you know what? There is a severe deficiency in everything. (lol, he’s blatantly self-advertising here) But it’s all cold, hard truth. Unshakable in it’s roots. Upon colliding with that truth and it’s unshakable nature, I’m the one who had been uprooted and thrown off into the wind.

But, I see things, a little clearer now(wasting two FREAKIN’ days of holiday does that to ya), and I realized the truth was right. The truth, is the truth, after all. An insidious, large-scale conspiracy was afoot here and I was one of it’s cosmic victims. 110% reason to remember the name started it, and 110% reason to remember the name will end it.

This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% Pleasure, 50% Pain, 10% Joel and 110% reason to Remember the name.

“You can walk away and say we don’t need this, but there’s something in your eye that says we can beat this”

Protected: Do you know something? There is a severe deficiency in everything.

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2th Monthversarieee!

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Lol, not really gonna post anything about the monthversarieee here, just mainly other stuff.

26 and 20 august were such good days.
Two unbelivably awesomely great days in 2 awesome months. 🙂

Anyway, it’s been a long road, a long  journey, I’ve climbed and fallen, I’ve loved and lost, I’ve loved and won, I’ve learnt things, I have forgot things, I had gained things and lost others. 

But, ah, screw logical procession. I’ve been inspired by an inspiring man, supported by a lovely girl and kept propped up by 2 good friends and helped along by certain friends–and this will give me the strength to deal with the rest of you.

Let’s Roll

Happy 2nd month, baby. And if you’re reading this, 2 hours 30 minutes! ^^