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Protected: The Ten Commandments.

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The Ten Commandments. You break them, you pay the price.

I broke them. I’m paying now.


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Season 3 is also very good, perhaps better than season 2. BUT SEASON 1 IS THE BEST PROGRAM/SERIES/ANIME/OR ANYTHING VISIBLE AT TV EVER MADE
Just love it. Gives me courage, friendship, love, knowledge, sincerity, reliability, hope and light. Miss those days!

I agree fully! I love this song. It brings back, who you were, your innocence and your essence. At least for me.

This is my childhood people. Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Reliability, Sincerity, Hope and Light.

=) These are the songs tiding me through these’s A’s.

Call me kiddish, but out childish side is the best of us.

The Joel Trilemma.

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Expectations, Projections and Past considerations.

Hello, it’s the mid-break of my A levels, and I must say, am I screwed. Haha.

Targets: AAAAAA




Bye NUS.

Okay, aside from that, the long hiatus from posting without protection has left me…..owing a lot of explanations. Well, I don’t have any. No answers, no evidence no argument. I’ve got nothing save for words. Words are nothing much too.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to think or do anymore. Seems like everywhere I turn, I’m wrong and alone. Which is an irony as I’m as large as a Rb atom with tonnes of e-shells, but none really very close to the nucleus. Maybe, when your nucleus becomes negative, the outer shell electrons don’t move that far away, because well, there is shielding. But, the inner ones do. Perhaps only through fusion will they stay, but that requires lots of energy… DOFU. DOFU. DOFU—-synonymous with Chem now haha.

Funny how theories are still applied, like the uncertainty theory. If everything is uncertain, how sure are you of applying your theory? Especially when it originates from a warped fucked up mind. Insipid.

At lunch, today, I was struck with a realization. I MISS MY ALL-BOYS SCHOOL DAYS. I MISS THEM. I MISS MY CARVINGS OF BROTHERS FOR LIFE! TAOYEE’S PROFILE PIC ANYONE? I want them all back! The past, the situation, the no-braindedness and THE ME THAT WAS ALONG WITH IT. Where, wait WHAT am I now? Responsible, replying to smses, not turning up sweaty for anything. Oh god. I sit down with chicks. Instead of guys. My guy friends fall out with me over chicks. Some chick friends fall out with me over guys and other chicks. Oh god. I study. I actually study. Oh, my f-words follow a poisson distribution. Is this growing-up? Growing-sad/angry more like.