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I think that there is a strong positive correlation between clarity of thought and substance of blog posts.

Hehehe, my blog posts are sporadic, convoluted and mostly stupidly whiny…meaning that my thoughts are about as organized as my table. Not good.

Well, I’m going to try to compose and post a clear objective post so that I can clear my mind and get it back on track..I think this affliction is due to the type of writing I have been doing as of late—texting non-stop but little proper sitting down and writing. After all, language is the materalization of thought, is it not?

Exactly one month has passed since my A level journey, and I have had a lot of time to think.. which is what Ive always desired. Unfortunately ironically, I haven’t been thinking(or writing) as much as I would like. Blame it on my horrible self-discipline, my days comprise of play, go out, play, go out, play, go out, laugh, play, laugh, party sleep, sleep.

Hehehe, oh noes. Maybe if I devote a day to sitting down at a quiet area of PSR park and do nothing but thinking, maybe my life would have some meaning or inspiration. Haha, but I will have to forgo the temptation of hanging out at the shack near the bus stop with company. Not sure I want that.. But that’s precisely where the conundrum lies! You gotta know what you want, as I have enthused to everyone else but myself. The only way to do that, is to Read, Think, Write.

What do I want? Well, that’s for another post perhaps.. after this clear, fluid post goes up and works it’s magic on my brain.

Let’s Roll.


DiP.Revenge returns.

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From the murky depths I come.

Yes, my friends, yes. I’m back to playing DotA. I’ve missed my Viper and I’m back to being the most-feared carry again!

Hahahaha, I’m ready to be protected and babysat by all of you every single game and then become beyond godlike again! Quickly, msn me and let’s go destroy some pubbies. Now.

Let’s Roll.

Protected: Limit of proportionality.

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Protected: 550 mg of MTFU.

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