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Hello there.

Recently(or not that recently luh), I have lost sight of what the main aim of being in a relationship is for.

So I’m telling myself, now over here. It’s not about who’s right, who’s wrong; what’s fair and what’s not; Justified or not; Deserving or not; Considerate or not; late or not(hehehehe); angry or not

It’s about being in love, mutually and as a result of that, both parties will want to make each other happy, that is all.

So, yes Joel, I’m reminding you..make Val happy! Okay?! MAKE VAL HAPPY! Wheeeee!

Why? Cause you love her and she loves you…and she makes you happy too!

Oh, crap. I’m talking to myself over the interwebs. Lol. Well, might else well follow through all the way!
For a strange reason that I’m not sure of, myself, I’m proud that I have blogged at least one post for every single month. I think it’s cool of me! hahahaha! I love the┬ácontinuity┬áthat my archive has! It is in….ORDER! woooooo!

Hahahahah, okay.

Let’s Roll.

Okay, I’m off to do my job now!


Protected: Wake-up call.

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Note to yourself.

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Yeah sure, Joel.

Whine about why all this shit happens.
Complain about the state of the world.
Think Fuck My Life.
Get angry.
Wallow in self-pity.
Think about all of the “ever-important” justifications and reasons.
Consider every factor.
Spend hours and hours on end thinking and thinking, what is the cause of all this?
Trying and testing tonnes of hypotheses to find the cause of the suffering you’re feeling.
Whine and complain and discuss and blog about it.

Does it help one freakin bit, you dumbass?


I’ll tell you the simple answer to all the questions and statements above;

You’re just not good enough. So instead of doing all the shit you have been doing;

SHUT THE FUCK UP and go do something about it.