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Protected: They go hand-in-hand.

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Protected: All the advice you ever need.

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How you want it.

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Dripping with sweat, wracked with fatigue; he had only one thing on his mind. The ball. He held on to  it tightly, as if it was the only thing in left the world. Unfortunately, grit and sweat is not the sole deciding factor in attaining possession. There was just this one other teensy weensy factor-strength. And so, our sweaty protagonist was flung around like a rag-doll. Well, a rag-doll unyieldingly holding on to a ball, of course.

White-hot(read:slight) pain lanced through his shoulder as he was flung to the floor, however, however…he had the ball. A plethora of different reactions were on the faces of the on-lookers, ranging from empathy to disdain. Glancing up quickly, registering all of the various reactions, his conscious mind screamed “Time to score”, as the disdainful look of one of the opponents drove him off the murderous edge. He had to PROVE himself. He lowered his body, and unleashed a furious flurry of spins, crossovers and behind the back dribbles; only to be met by the opponent’s white-singlet donning star player. Both pulled up, bodies lifting off the ground and he released it…. that precious, precious ball and it climbed, climbed through the air for what seemed like hours, only to ricochet of the backboard, unscored.

He landed, dazed and ashamed. He could not redeem himself—he had let his best friend down, allowed his enemies to gloat and failed to prove his skill to the rest of the people, bystanders and players alike. That was simply too much to bear. The desire to win, no, the desire to play left him. As he stood there, feeling alone in the world. Mumbling a quick excuse, he dashed off the court.

Then, that chance meeting occured. Who and when did not matter; only the words did.

“What did I do wrong?”
“What?! Then all the hostility, all the fouling all the unfairness to me?!?”
“Let people be. They yell foul, even when there is no foul, that’s their character. They foul you, you take it, fine. Good for you. Basketball is like that, play your own game, your own style. You cannot learn that from others, play how you like to play. If you’re not strong enough, train hard.”
“But, but.. I feel so tight, when I play there, like everyone is out to get me….”
“Enough. Just play because you are happy when you play, play how you want to. And, train hard. Bye.”

And then, he was alone. He broke down, crying and suddenly, it just clicked. He wiped off the tears.  and walked back towards the court. This time, with the ball in his hands, he did not register what others were thinking of him or their facial expressions before moving. He just did what he wanted. One crossover to a pull-up jumper–swish.  Jab step to a drive–swish. When challenged by that one, disdainful opponent who would foul him, he did what he wanted, he passed the ball away to his open, best friend—swish. And that, was how he wanted to play it.