I’m sick of beginning with an imaginary prayer to the literary Gods to bestow me with inspiration and flair.
Instead, I’m just gonna go ramble on, hope I’ll be flowing anyways….(Wait did I just do it again?)

These recent times have been trying, I’ll admit. Thankfully, I have a lot of love and support from the people around me. But, after thinking long and hard(hehe), I realise that perhaps that is the problem. I hypothesize that, yes, the precarious situation itself  may have been caused by me but, perhaps, my inability to deal with it lies on how much support I have and have been using. You see, if you don’t use it, you lose it. When you become too reliant on your loved ones, you stop using your own wits, resources and brains; you stop standing on your own ground. Instead, you become a spineless whiny amalgamation of them… without your own set of feet to stand firmly upon(Note: I say a set.) You become dead weight for them to carry and you start to lose yourself, your identity.

In order to fully love and benefit others, you have to first start loving yourself, reach within yourself and find who you are, before you integrate back into society’s network of MUTUALLY supportive relationships(the only beneficial kind of relationship, if you ask me.)—–Develop your voice, your opinion, your stand.. yourself.

So that when you contribute, be it in essays, care, conversations and actions.. your own personal self(with your own two feet) comes through and allow you to support others.  Instead of your spineless, lack of an identity busting through and latching on whoever is nearby–draining them of their emotions and energy,  especially your loved ones(cause their always in the vicinity).

Just because they care, doesn’t mean you give them your load to bear.

Independence, authenticity and self.

Go find it.

Let’s roll.


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  1. Hi introspection.

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