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I just can’t stay away.

Posted in Uncategorized on 09/12/2011 by Joel

You know when life gets so busy til the point where you start to think you have to sacrifice some leisure activities and try to be time-effective? So you forgo your leisure activites and you try to stay away from them? I thought it’ll turn out fine, after all, it’s just a short hiatus, not as if I’m stopping for infinity, right?  Should be managable ain’t it?

Nope!  I just can’t.  I tried telling myself, okay, Val’s overseas this week, try not to think about, call or text her.. to save money and time and maybe get some work done this week… Similarly, cause I won’t be spending time with her this weekend, I should try not to play basketball and get something productive done and/or prepare for my driving test. I just can’t.

Two hours after she passed the causeway, I smsed her already.  Hehehe discipline fail. Then today I smsed her also…plus every night I’ve been waiting for her to come online to talk to her! Looks like I really can’t stay away lol.

Even worse, I tell myself, must go home sleep early.. but next thing I know, I’m at the basketball court, playing till 10~11. I just can’t not play. LOL.

Plan(In an ideal reality)—-> Tuesday: Go home early(after driving), rest, maybe work out lightly and sleep by ten
Wednesday: Go home early(after driving), read, rest and sleep by ten
Thursday: Go home early(after driving), read, rest and prepare driving test stuff, sleep.

Reality:  Tues, Wed, Thurs: Drive, Play Ball, Come home and wait for Val to come online(play with dog, talk to sis,PSP), sleep by twelvish(web consumes me). Fail.

But, no matter, I actually still passed my driving test. XD  So there’s no sad moral of the story here.

Just that–I really am deeply in love with Val Ho, Basketball, My Sis, Shadow and my PSP.

Omg, such a boring matter of fact post. Where’s my flair?! Oh well, NS has stolen it.