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Big picture.

Posted in Uncategorized on 15/02/2012 by Joel

Hey there. I’m well aware that people usually blog about their most recent happenings, so I will conform to this norm and begin like so. It’s a day after Valentine’s Day and well, although I don’t say it often, I’m pretty happy as of late, even though currently I’m feeling abit under the weather. Valentine’s Day itself was great, I brought Val to a nice restaurant, had awesome lamb there and after that we went for karaoke. It was fun fun fun and as always, managed to take my mind of the world for once.


But today, at whilst dining at pastamania, it all came rushing back to me again. It seems to me like everyone sees something bigger in life, like they all have plans, are probably going to do something worthwhile and maybe even give back to the community! But what about me? I have no idea what I’m doing at all. Everyday, I’m just going through the motions but am I really living? I just… focus on all the mundane things in life—-car, dota, basketball,rank. Where is my big picture, far ahead thinking? The kind of thoughts that make life meaningful. The kinds of thoughts that change the world? The vision, the dreams of something bigger? The thoughts that goes beyond my selfish self?

Changing the world, experiencing new things, seeing the many sights the world has to offer… What will be my paradigm that I will view the world with? My very own lasting perspective, how I see life uniquely, like no one else does?  I shan’t even get started on making the world a better place or making an impact on society or the lives of others…..

If only I could zoom  out of the mundanity of modern life… and see the big picture.

After all, a man is only as large as his vision.