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Posted in Uncategorized on 30/10/2013 by Joel

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Much to no one’s chagrin I would expect. Hahaha. More importantly, I actually came here to make a point. From my last post till my recent one—what have I achieved? Can I look back and actually tell myself : “Hey, that was a job well done, buddy.”

Well, not really. 

I did a few notable things

  • Learn to drive.
  • Still in a loving relationship with Val
  • Made it to NUS Biz.
  • Got my first bank stint.
  • Picked up a few new skills here and there.

But… that’s just all ON-THE-SURFACE things and changes. Have I really grown? Have I really changed
Nope. I’m pretty much still the same guy–just with a better tolerance for failure and a little more empathy as well as the same ol’ lack of discipline and horrendous time management.

Thus, this post will serve as a dedication to change. A dedication to growth. Not the shallow, I’m doing this new thing or adopting this new fad kinda change. But deep  So that when I come back here after another probable long hiatus– I can proudly say. “Wow, how much I have grown since my last post”

Let’s Roll.


If you dare to fire at others, you must be ready to be fired at yourself”  Lelouch Vi Britainnia