It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Much to no one’s chagrin I would expect. Hahaha. More importantly, I actually came here to make a point. From my last post till my recent one—what have I achieved? Can I look back and actually tell myself : “Hey, that was a job well done, buddy.”

Well, not really. 

I did a few notable things

  • Learn to drive.
  • Still in a loving relationship with Val
  • Made it to NUS Biz.
  • Got my first bank stint.
  • Picked up a few new skills here and there.

But… that’s just all ON-THE-SURFACE things and changes. Have I really grown? Have I really changed
Nope. I’m pretty much still the same guy–just with a better tolerance for failure and a little more empathy as well as the same ol’ lack of discipline and horrendous time management.

Thus, this post will serve as a dedication to change. A dedication to growth. Not the shallow, I’m doing this new thing or adopting this new fad kinda change. But deep  So that when I come back here after another probable long hiatus– I can proudly say. “Wow, how much I have grown since my last post”

Let’s Roll.


If you dare to fire at others, you must be ready to be fired at yourself”  Lelouch Vi Britainnia


One Response to “Change.”

  1. Squid Says:

    You’re too hard on yourself. If I have 5 marvelous things going good from 5 months ago I’d be out of the house this instant to pop some tags. And, who says we’re in a loving relationship! HAHAHAHHA. Octopus

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